The Small Business Administration (SBA) recognizes signage as the most effective advertising for small businesses. The average cost of an LED sign per thousand impressions is 45 cents – compared to almost 7 dollars for a radio ad.

That’s a savings of $6000.00 per 1000 advertising impressions, illustrating the cost effectiveness of an on Premise IStar HD LED Sign.    That saves you money while advertising to your largest customer base, the 80% that live within 5 miles of your business.


 Also according to the SBA, small businesses advertising with an LED sign can expect to see an increase in business of up to 150%.





There are many advantages to using LED Advertising, the following are key.


Real Time Advertising


Enjoy the capability of generating custom advertising to your customers that allow you to highlight your specials, sales and events in real-time.  Restaurants can run lunch, happy hour, daily and nightly specials using our built in timer that changes your messages for you automatically.  We setup each custom LED advertising campaign prior to install and many of our customers never have to program their display again because we have everything, including holidays, already programmed in the sign.


Allow us to set up your custom advertising campaign for your new IStar HD LED Display, for no extra

costs. We are the only company in the business that offers this free service and our customers enjoy having this worry free 24/7 advertising that allows them to concentrate on business rather than learning how to do graphic design and sign programming.



The Most Effective Advertising at the Lowest Cost


LED Advertising is the most cost effective advertising available.  IStar HD LED Displays are warrantied for 5 years and the average life is almost 12 years.  Even at just 10 years of operation, the cost per month for a $15,000 IStar HD LED Display is only  $125 a month.  Compared to the average 2 week radio advertising campaign that cost $2000, LED Advertising is an easy choice.


Professional Appearance


Successful businesses display a professional appearance.  IStar HD LED Signs & Displays add to a business’ professional appearance and increases that business’ community presence. From Banks to restaurants, to clubs to government facilities and Fortune 500 Companies, successful businesses utilize professional looking signage and LED Signs.


Reinforcing a Brand


One of the most important things for a business is to establish a brand and reinforce that brand.  Top companies spend millions of dollars to brand their companies and reinforce that branding over time.  Established brands like Coca Cola, Nike, Ford & McDonalds still spend millions of dollars a year to REINFORCE their brand and keep that brand in the forefront of their customers minds.


An IStar HD LED Sign accomplishes the same thing for a small business.  Thousands of customers every day see your company’s brand and are reinforced with it, day in and day out, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  For what some companies spend millions to do, an IStar HD LED Display can do for you company at a fraction of the cost.


3) Added Capabilities that IStar Ensures Our Customers are Using to Their Full Capacity


When you drive down the road, some LED Signs have dynamic content and others, not so much.  In general, all full color LED Signs have similar capabilities but most companies leave that up to the customer to figure out.  When you buy an IStar HD LED Sign, it comes preprogrammed to your desired advertising requests.  These videos/commercials are then given to the customer to edit in the future and our customers are trained to utilize their LED Sign to its full, taking advantage of:


• Television quality video

• Television like video commercials that are uploaded into the sign

• Timer and calendar programming that changes videos and messages to fit into your business schedule.


With most companies, you are going to get a training session and a blank sign.  IStar LED USA wants every one of their customers to have the best advertising tool possible.  If you have graphic design skills and can create eye catching videos, then programming an IStar HD LED Sign will be easy.  If not, IStar takes care of that for the customer and if you don’t have the time to maintain your sign and if you have frequent advertising changes, then IStar offers programming and content maintenance packages for our customers also for as little as $100 a month.





Smart & Successful Businesses Utilize New Cost Saving Technologies to Advertise & Market their Business.  The Internet has Revolutionized Advertising & Marketing. Today, LED Technologies are again Reinventing the A & M World.  Utilize Our LED Displays in Concert with the Internet to JumpStart, Expand and Distinguish your Business beyond the Limits of Conventional Means.


Think and Act “Outside the Box” and be a part of the New Successful Business Model.


TV and Radio vs IStar HD LED Signage


Besides the expense of radio and television, which can easily run over $5000 a month, tv & radio have no way of getting your business seen.  How many times have you seen or heard a commercial for a place you’d like to go but you have no idea where it is. IStar HD LED Signs advertise; not only your message, but your location- allowing potential customers to easily find you.


Again, let’s not forget the advances technologies of the day.  Satellite radio, iPods, and DVR’s are reducing your audience on radio and TV drastically.  Even if you have a TV commercial, chances are good that the person watching has a DVR and is fast forwarding through your expensive commercial.  An LED Sign is guaranteed to reach you greatest customer base, those who live within 5 miles of your business.


Print vs LED Signage


Newspaper circulation is on the decline, even Warren Buffet has said that he would never invest in a newspaper.  The future is digital and fewer and fewer people read print circulation, so when you spend money on newspaper advertising, you are seeing a declining return on your advertising investment yearly.  The worst thing is, the better looking you add you place, the more you pay for it.  That same add could be on your LED Sign advertising for you 24 hours a day, instead of once or twice a week; and again,  to your greatest target audience.





As we mentioned before, an LED Sign will add to the professional appearance of your business and will increase your presence within the community.  Send us an email or give us a call and we will give you references who will attest to the fact that after they installed an IStar HD LED Sign, there business presence within the community was immediately heightened.   Once you install an IStar HD LED Display, you will have no problem with people finding your business and everyone in the community will recognize your brand and be informed about your business.


Hopefully this will help you make an educated decision on your companies advertising and marketing plans.  IStar LED USA prides itself on being an “LED Advertising” company first and foremost.  Hopefully, our LED Signs and Displays will be a part of your business’ LED Advertising and marketing campaigns.