At the age of 11, Wayne Hall’s life was catastrophically altered when another child, playing with a handgun, shot him accidently. Surviving a .357 shot to the torso was against the odds but Wayne overcame the first of many obstacles; living. Despite losing most of a lung, Wayne was able to eventually breathe without a ventilator but was paralyzed from the waist down. He spent the better part of his childhood recovering from his wounds that left him scarred and paralyzed. Regardless of being confined to a wheelchair & being told it was impossible, Wayne channeled his energy into writing music, playing guitar & singing. Since graduating college with 2 degrees, Wayne has become an accomplished song writer, musician & vocalist despite a plethora of setbacks and obstacles. To date, he has released 2 albums and is currently working on a third; all the time battling continued medical setbacks. In spite of a mountain of medical setbacks, Wayne has been a beacon of hope, inspiration and positivity to his family, friends, community & beyond. Wayne is now in his early 30’s and has escalating medical needs and minimal insurance assistance. Currently, Wayne is in treatment for a bone infection on top of his regular medical problems that has left him immobilized in very uncomfortable positions. At this time, Wayne could use the help of his friends and community. The cost for technology that will greatly improve Wayne’s quality of life can seem daunting for the individual but as a community, the cost is minimal. For just $20 a person, a community of 2,000 can buy Wayne A lightweight exoskeleton that gets him upright & mobile for up to 8hrs a day For just $20 a person, a community of 3000 can buy Wayne: A new wheelchair to replace his antiquated wheelchair A harness that allows him to sit without pressure on his lower body AND A lightweight exoskeleton that gets him upright & mobile for up to 8hrs a day Any donation amount will be greatly appreciated. These are minimal items that will improve Wayne’s life for the near future. His medical costs are never ending. We have also posted links to Wayne’s music for purchase. I highly encourage you to listen and purchase. Wayne has a world-class voice despite his lack of lung capacity. His songs speak to his extraordinary abilities to write, compose, play music & sing original works based on his life and world perspective.

1-2-3 - Single

by Wayne Hall

Lost In a Moment by Wayne Hall There's Only One You by Wayne Hall